I’m a lifelong resident of Ulster County with over 30 years experience in the Marketing, Advertising and Sales industry. For the past 8 years, I have assisted many buyers and sellers in successfully purchasing and selling homes. My background in building and development and my four years as a local town councilman have provided me a unique knowledge base and skill set to assist both the buyers and sellers of real estate in Ulster County. 

Additionally I have more than twenty-five years of civic involvement in the areas of environmental advocacy, historic preservation and music & arts promotion. My access and familiarity with these many resources allows me to help the buyers I represent to find the communities that best suit the quality of life they are seeking. It also provides me invaluable information to help my seller clients best position, market and sell their homes.

I’m a regional history buff and I truly believe to know an area’s history is the first step in making a lasting connection to a community.

Brian Cafferty photo

Thank you for your trust.